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Mark Robinson

NSL Consulting & Coaching Ltd. Managing Director and Author

Mark Robinson is the author and creator of The Shitty Leadership series. With his expertise as a reformed shitty leader and a certified professional coach, Mark has personally led and coached thousands of individuals, working with some top companies across the globe.

Be Honest – Who enjoys hearing critical things about themselves? The act of receiving criticism - being able to hear it, listen to it, absorb it, dissect it and learn from it? These are all acts of maturity, humbleness, and thoughtfulness, all of which you’ve demonstrated by reaching out, reading, and giving EGO-CONTINUUM a chance. You’ve already come a long way!     

I first met Mark over a decade ago when my company hired him to start-up a call center division. As an executive working in Human Resources, I meet, interview, and work with hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Of these thousands, there are few that stand-out because of some positive (or negative) characteristic or behaviour.   

I have yet to meet someone that matches Mark’s character. First and foremost, he is kind but straight forward and honest. There are few people that I’ve met that can match the speed at which he learns and thinks. He is all about improvement, action, and performance. He is a fabulous listener and an even better storyteller, with a flair for the dramatic pauses and laugh out loud punch lines.  

In my opinion, it’s the combination of all these characteristics that makes Mark an excellent coach and leader. If you’re going to receive coaching about how to improve yourself, then who better than someone that has lived it and breathed it already? His down-to-earth, candid (and sometimes self-deprecating and hilarious) stories make you think to yourself, “Is he really OK to share this about himself?” He really is! He’s an open book. He showcases his vulnerability so that you can feel comfortable enough to admit or show that you’re also imperfect too.   

If you’re ready to really take a close look at yourself, and to be vulnerable enough to look at ways in which you could improve upon your self-awareness, your leadership skills and now, to unshittify your personal life, then this is the book for you!

Sometimes, it’s tough to look in the mirror and reflect upon your weaknesses, but if there is a person that I feel safe and comfortable enough to do this with – I’d choose Mark, without hesitation. Have fun Unshittifying!   


Wednesday Mar 1, 2023

3:00 pm

Active Leadership - How To Unshittify Shitty Leadership
Mark Robinson
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