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Agilence provides users with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster and improving efficiency across the enterprise. Agilence leverage our combined industry experience to partner with Loss Prevention and Operations leaders to ensure the Agilence Platform supports industry and role-specific best practices and trends.

A Fresh Perspective on Loss Prevention
As the leading provider of loss prevention analytics for the retail, grocery, and restaurant industries, Agilence goes beyond traditional theft and fraud to reduce shrink and improve margins across your business. We integrate all types of data—sales, customer, online, product, and more—to deliver insights that drive operational performance.

Your customers’ shopping experiences and expectations are constantly evolving. Today’s customers want on-shelf availability for the products they desire, websites and apps showing always-accurate product information, and excellent service and safety—both in person and online.

With data streaming in from multiple channels, staffing scarcities, and little time available to examine operational processes, you need an analytics solution that helps uncover opportunities to operate intelligently and maximize profits.


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