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Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund 

The Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund (LPBF) stands as a beacon of solidarity and support within our community, providing a voice and assistance to the families of our fallen colleagues. In our shared grief for the Loss Prevention (LP) and Asset Protection (AP) professionals who are no longer with us, it is our profession's responsibility to ensure that their loved ones do not bear the burden alone. 

LPBF not only extends its compassionate outreach to the families of the fallen but also offers vital financial grants to eligible individuals facing economic hardships due to qualifying circumstances. These circumstances encompass a range of challenges, including serious medical issues, the death of a dependent, natural disasters, lack of permanent shelter, and homelessness, among others. The Fund operates with the utmost confidentiality, respecting the privacy of those seeking assistance while adhering to legal requirements. 

With a heartfelt partnership, Innovision proudly supports LPBF, recognizing the privilege it holds as a long-standing advocate of this crucial cause. By championing this noble initiative, Innovision contributes to the Fund's mission, ensuring that Business Leaders and Vendors stand together, supporting those in need. 

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