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Cita Doyle



Cita Doyle

VP of Sales & Marketing at InstaKey Security Systems


1:15 PM - 2:00 PM Mon, Feb 26, 2024

How are Security Tools and Methods Transforming to Meet the Needs of An Evolving Retail Landscape?

Cita is a seasoned security consultant with an impressive track record spanning over twenty-two years. Throughout her career, she has become a prominent figure in the field, contributing extensively to the industry through various publications, webinars, and national training seminars. Cita's expertise is underscored by her accreditation from the Loss Prevention Foundation, where she earned the prestigious LPC credential.

Her commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering effective Key Control practices is evident in her active participation as a speaker at LPF Learning Day events and her numerous articles aimed at educating professionals in the security domain. Cita's dedication to continuous learning and improvement is reflected in her memberships in key industry associations, including ASIS, FMI, NRF, IAI, ISCPO, RLPSA, CONNEX, and RFMA.

Cita’s leadership extends to her roles on the Board for the Loss Prevention Foundation and the Vendor Advisory Board for Loss Prevention Magazine. In these capacities, she plays a crucial role in shaping industry standards and best practices. Her influence is felt not only through her advisory roles but also in her commitment to elevating the field of loss prevention.

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