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Vy Hoang



Vy Hoang

Chief Customer Officer - CCO at i3 International


2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Mon, Feb 26, 2024

Educational Session - Comprehensive AI application in the retail space

i3 International (“i3”) is a privately held Ai technology company with decades of industry experience and expertise. We are committed to delivering affordable, integrated Artificial Intelligence (Ai) solutions that generate actionable data and alerts for our customers. These solutions are designed to help retail, quick-serve restaurants, grocery, and other organizations improve performance, enhance customer, employee, and visitor experience. These unique integrated solutions are meticulously refined by our data scientists to achieve immediate results, setting us apart from competitors.

In 2022-2023, i3 received the coveted “Best Cloud Hosted Solution” award from the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Product Showcase (NPS). The company was selected for this award in recognition of its ability to make complex Ai solutions, affordable and easy to implement. Through decades of technology and process refinement, i3 has enabled its customers to drastically reduce hardware and implementation costs. This advantage enables current and potential customers to transition to Ai-powered solutions quickly, easily, and profitably. i3’s actionable reports and alerts have saved our customers millions in losses, averted potential risk, and has contributed to their revenue growth through improved business processes. For these reasons, i3 remains the solution of choice with many businesses and large multi-site organizations.

I am personally excited about the future of Ai and big data. Our integrated Ai solutions, cloud portal, and data warehousing reflect our dedication to technological advancement, accessibility, and customer success. Together, we are making AI a necessity, not a luxury and creating positive and meaningful operational and financial outcomes for our partners.

As Chief Customer Officer, I hold full accountability for the company's relationship with its customers. This amazing company and job has afforded me the experience to grow professionally and personally for 35 years. I am truly blessed!

Phone:416-261-2266 x103

Specialties: leadership, speaker, management, strategy, marketing, network video surveillance, card-access, asset protection, business intelligence, loss prevention solutions, security camera, manufacturing processes, software, video analytics, business insight (BI), building return on Investment (ROI), retail security, institutions security, quick service security

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