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what is innovision


Innovision - is an intensive 2 ½ day event with a strong educational agenda with topics that cover business improvement, crisis management and risk reduction strategies taught by recognized subject matter experts in North America. 

Innovision - is an invitation-only event fostering cross-functional discussion to develop innovative solutions to address weaknesses in business operation and performance. 

Innovision - is where expertise meets altruism, epitomizing industry giving by sharing knowledge, technology, and sponsoring a crucial foundation supporting Loss Prevention Professionals. 

Innovision Conference
What to expect


Our participants, drawn from diverse sectors of business, share a common drive to revolutionize their industries through advanced technology and strategic solutions in security and business intelligence. Whether propelled by expert solution providers or cutting edge technology, these professionals converge with a mission: to enhance their operations, ensuring efficiency, safety, and intelligent decision-making. By embracing cutting-edge security technologies and harnessing the expertise of trusted vendors, they collaboratively shape a future where businesses seamlessly integrate innovative solutions to thrive in the digital age.


TO LEARN; with inspiring, forward-thinking and original keynote speakers who will present new tools essential to industry leaders,

TO NETWORK; with roundtables and focus groups meant to foster collaboration and become a form of “think tank” where everyone wins by openly sharing best practices,

TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE; your participation and attendance signify unwavering support for a meaningful social cause. Powered by the generous contributions from sponsors and attendees, The Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund plays a pivotal role in assisting families of Loss Prevention Professionals coping with loss or severe injury. Your involvement directly impacts lives, offering vital support and solace during challenging times.

TO BE HEARD; throughout networking events and discussions with vendors who can include your suggestions to their future designs,

TO BUILD NEW RELATIONSHIPS; whether they last a lifetime or a season, it is up to you. Innovision allows you to expand your Rolodex and your list of contacts considerably. Maximize your experience by staying in touch with peers who can support you all year-round!

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Conference attendees will be eligible to Continuing Education Units (CEUs) towards their Loss Prevention Foundation LPC Recertification.

Need more reasons to attend?

Innovision 2024

Guests - Business Operational Leadership

  • Innovision is like no other conference!

  • At Innovision, attendees actively shape the future of Security and Business Operations, sharing insights that drive industry change.

  • At Innovision, attendees engage in focused discussions, mentoring newcomers, and fostering vendor relationships, enhancing industry collaboration.


Integrators and Vendors - Solution and Services Providers

  • Enjoy valuable feedback from your end-users and brainstorm on future product development during networking events.

  • Engage with audience members of value with an invite to this exclusive event.

  • Get introduced to potential customers through exclusive sponsor connections.

  • Connect with industry leaders, showcase solutions, and make a lasting impact in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at this energizing two-day event.

Innovision Conference
Integrators and Vendors
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